Small batch hand-dipped candles. The perfect illuminating adornment for ritual, home, and hearth. These ultra-slim candles are ideal for slipping into the icing of a tasty celebration treat, and for use in ritual work or altar decoration. We love to light these delicate candles when honouring a change of season, full moon, or partaking in an earth-grounding practice. Set alight and enjoy their radiant glow, and all-natural, honey scent. 


Crafted with 100 % locally-sourced Canadian beeswax, and pure cotton. 


Beeswax is sustainably gathered, organic, antibiotic-free, and the beekeepers are dedicated to the protection, appreciation, and promotion of pollinators, and their forest, meadow, and wetland ecosystems.



Glass vial of 20 candles.

Each candle measures 4 inches.


    Maker's story:


    Joseph Henry 1895 is a family business inspired by old world and family heritage. Hand-dipped and hand-poured, our candles are made with the aim to preserve the sense of history and traditional craft using locally sourced Canadian beeswax and colored naturally with botanicals.    

    Pure Beeswax Ritual Candles (Ultra Slim)