Armonía ~ Harmony


Honouring the relationship between Flora y Fauna, these earrings feature just that; A serpent, and the plants he lives amongst.


This collection is a celebration of unity.

It honours the wild, silent relationships that exist between all of us and the beautiful world around us.


It is an ode to the peaceful nature that exists when we form a collective whole- when we feel the one-ness and choose to honour it.


These magnificent earrings are finely crafted individually by hand, lightweight, and evoke the powerful energy of their origins. 


The Flora y Fauna Earrings measure 10.75 cm in length. 


Earrings are all set on hypoallergenic sterling silver posts.


All Neblina + Noche orders come gift wrapped in a stamped muslin bag.




About Neblina + Noche: A letter from the Artist


Neblina + Noche's roots lie in terracotta soil, on a small farm, in the Mexican desert.


My creations are inspired by the years I spent living immersed in nature, completely off-grid, in a 150-year-old adobe farmhouse in the small village of Santa Rosa, Mexico. Two beautiful years surrounded by wise old oak trees, drinking water from the freshwater spring that lay in the river in front of the house, eating homegrown food from our garden, connecting with myself and with nature, and with this new way of life. 


Everything I create is a reflection of the beauty of the place that held me so graciously, that taught me who I was and helped me become closer to myself, the earth, and my path. From the dreamy terracotta colouring, to the graceful arched shapes, everything I make is intended to capture the essence of Mexico and all of its rustic elegance. 

Neblina y Noche: The Flora y Fauna Earrings