Cannabis Balm

with Full Moon Tulsi Leaf, Glacial Minerals + Small Batch CBD Oil



'The Mother Moon' 

She wraps us in her embrace, healing, and nurturing, guiding us by her light. 


Biodynamic organic cannabis-infused for two moons with cottage Rose Petals, waxing Rose Moon Tulsi Leaves, Hops Flower, solstice Laurel essence, fermented Nettle, Glacial Minerals, Wild Mint, Chickweed, Blue Vervain, Silver Fir Tincture, Black Castor Seed and small-batch CBD Oil. Soothing care for body, spirit, skin, and heart.


Wild foraged, hand-gathered herbs and flowers lend this balm an enchanting aroma of fresh Water Mint growing in abundance by a glimmering meadow side stream, bright and herbaceous Tulsi Leaf and Blossom, potent and unfurling, slowly picked by the dusky light of a full Rose Moon, Nettle plucked from a verdant forest, and mortar-crushed with salty glacial minerals. 


The Ritual: 

A true wellness warrior, our balm is a multi-purpose healing potion that provides relief of discomfort, and inflammation, while softening and caring for the complexion. 


Apply as desired to areas of strain, discomfort, tension, or wherever skin needs nourishing moisture and replenishment. This creamy balm offers gentle, healing comfort for aches, sprains, bruises, menstrual cramps, nerve pain, and headaches, along with heart trauma, including anxiety and days of darkness. Deeply repairs, hydrates and protects dry, cracked, or parched skin. Massage into skin and repeat as needed.  


For Anxiety and Heart Healing:

Massage into chest, be still. Breathe deeply and slowly. 


For Tension Headaches:

Massage a small amount into temples, and back of the neck where it meets the skull. 


For Dry Skin:

Apply to elbows, hands, feet, lips, and general areas of the body. 


For Soreness: Apply to area of discomfort, with circular strokes, massaging deeply into the muscles and surrounding fascia. 




Our Biodynamic, organically grown, small-batch CBD Oil is hemp-derived, non-psychoactive, and contains less than 0.3% of THC.


This product may arrive in either a clear or amber glass pot of varying styles.

La Mere Lune Cannabis Balm