Natural Jade Gua Sha Tool


Each of our Jade Mushroom Gua Sha Tools will come in an Organic Cloth storage bag.


Gua Sha Facial Massage is a beautiful way to stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation, aiding in the detoxification of lymphatic pathways in our skin, and the removal of cellular waste. Poor circulation can often contribute to hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and slower cellular regeneration and healing. 


This gentle and yet profoundly beneficial massage reduces puffiness, inflammation, and dullness, and improves clarity, tone, and texture. It takes only a few minutes to massage the entire neck and face. 


Our Jade Gua Sha Mushroom fits beautifully in hand and embodies the energetic properties synonymous with this healing stone. Green Jade is tethered to the element of Earth and has been used in healing rituals for thousands of years. 


Each stone measures 4.25 cm long. 




Facial Massage Technique: 


Apply a nourishing oil to freshly cleansed face, enough to ensure that the Gua Sha Mushroom will slide effortlessly and comfortably across the skin.


We recommend our Labrys Facial Cleansing Elixir. This replenishing cleansing fluid is the perfect lubricant for your Gua Sha Mushroom. 


When sweeping the stone across the skin, focus on long, consistent sweeping motions, using light and gentle pressure to move the stone from one area to the other.


Tip: You can place your Gua Sha Mushroom in the refrigerator for 10 minutes prior to the massage, or a bowl of ice water to quickly chill the stone for a soothing and cooling sensation that will aid in the reduction of puffy under eyes and inflammation. 


Begin with the neck area, moving in downward strokes from the jawline to décolleté bone. Repeat each stroke 4-5 times before moving to the next area. Move the stone all the way around your neck, and up around your ears where there are many important lymph nodes. 


After the neck has been massaged, move to the face. Always move from the inside out, focusing on each area of your face including the chin, jawline, cheeks, ocular bone, and forehead. 


Enjoy this massage daily if desired, or weekly as a nourishing treatment followed by a facial mask. We love our La Lune D'or Radiant Roots Facial Mask to gently detoxify and tone the skin after Gua Sha! 



Step by Step Guide to Facial Massage: 


Step 1: Using the larger side of the stone, sweep upwards from your brow to your hairline, working across the forehead from the middle outwards.


Step 2: Then trace along each eyebrow applying medium pressure.


Step 3: Gently trace under your eye from the inner corner towards your temple with the sides of the stones. Don’t pull or stretch your skin under the delicate eye area.


Step 4:  Trace along your cheekbones from your nostrils outwards, by using upwards strokes and the sides of the stone.


Step 5: Applying a little more pressure, still with the side of the stone, trace from the corners of your mouth towards your ears, following the contours of your cheekbones.


Step 6: Move onto the middle of your chin and massage along your jawline. 


Step 7: Using the flat of the stone, work gently from your jaw towards your collarbone in sweeping motions.




As Gua Sha Massage may stimulate acupressure points, exercise caution if pregnant.




Jade Mushroom Gua Sha Tool