Hedgewitch Keepsake Broom 


These enchanting brooms are truly magical. Individually handcrafted by Granville Island Broom Co. of Vancouver, British Columbia in the traditional heritage style by sisters, Mary and Sarah Schwieger. Each broom is completely unique, and crafted with traditional un-dyed and unbleached Broomcorn, and locally foraged Cedar Sprigs from Vancouver Island. 


Perfect as a magical keepsake, for use in altar and blessing practices, to tidy small spaces, and as a charm to carry for good luck. 


Crafted in finite quantity.

Each broom measures approx. 6 Inches in length. 


Broom Folklore: 


In many traditions of witch, hedge and herb craft, the broom or 'besom' is used for sweeping a ceremonial area out before ritual. A light sweeping does more than clean the physical space. It also immediately clears out negative energies that may have accumulated in the area since the last cleaning. The broom is a purifier, so it is connected to the element of Water in some magical traditions, but others associate it with Air. Brooms are a symbol of good luck around the world. They sweep away bad fortune and protect against evil.


A new broom brings good luck and harmony to a home, and broom, salt, and bread completes a traditional welcoming gift:


Bread - That this house may never know hunger.

Salt - That life may always have flavour.

Broom - To sweep away troubles.


If newlyweds hold hands and jump over a broom, good luck and fortune will abound in their union. An old Welsh custom calls for newlyweds to enter their home by stepping over a broom and luck will follow.


The phrase "flying off the handle" comes from broom lore. When a woman would get frustrated trying to chase her children out of the kitchen so she could finish with the cooking, a swat from the broom was a last resort, sending the straw flying off the handle and across the room.


The phrase "living over the brush" refers to a common-law relationship, and dates back to Europe in the 19th century when a couple would jump the broom to signify marriage if they could not afford a wedding.


Hedgewitch Handcrafted Keepsake Broom