Handcrafted Corn Whisk

by Artist and Broomsquire, Amina Haswell


This small traditional tool is ideal for light scrubbing jobs. It is typically used to remove dirt and debris from fruits and vegetables before consumption or food preparation. It can also be used for other cleaning jobs around the home or garden. It is made with unprocessed broomcorn and copper wire.


We adore this essential hand-broom for all tidy tasks around the home. It also makes the perfect accoutrement for ritual work and as an altarpiece tool.



Measures 7" length x 3.5" diameter



The Artist:



Amina is a Winnipeg based Broomsquire (The official term for broom-maker) and the Creative Director and Owner of Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio (PBFAS). PBFAS is an artisan driven home décor and design company, specializing in quality-crafted brooms, brushes, and other home accessories. Amina has been making brooms professionally for just under two years, selling her brooms both locally and through-select retailers in several Provinces.

Amina was first drawn to the art of broom-making in 2011 when she purchased her first handmade broom in Western Canada. Since then she has been honing her skills in the folk-art form of broom-making, sharing ideas, and collaborating with broom-makers across Canada and the US. Attending various institutions in the US that provide in-depth training opportunities in Folk arts. Amina also teaches the art form/trade to others which allows her to experiment and develop new techniques. Amina will be kicking off a new series of workshops in Spring 2021.

Amina is inspired by colour and fibers and so broom making seemed a natural fit. Amina spends her days binding naturally unprocessed broom corn ( also known as sorghum bi-colour) grown locally on her acreage and imported from North American sources and binds them with natural and synthetic fibers to make over 36 varieties of brooms, in over 42 different colours.

Amina harvests many of the handles she uses in her broom making by foraging the forest for the perfect sticks in areas across Manitoba. and across Canada when possible.


Handcrafted Corn Whisk Folk Broom