Antique Gold Safety Razor


A solid brass safety razor in enchantingly beautiful, old-world antique gold. 

The perfect addition to your home apothecary, and self-care arsenal!


Benefits of using a Safety Razor:


  • A low-impact, plastic-free and sustainable alternative to traditional commercial razors. 
  • Cost-effective, with replacement blade savings up to 90% compared to standard blade cartridges. 
  • The smoothest shave you’ve ever experienced!
  • Reduced irritation, in-grown hairs, and razor burn. 
  • May be used with any oil, lotion, soap or cream formulated for shaving. 


This sturdy, weighted razor is not only an earth-friendly alternative to commercial razors, but it’s also beautiful! You’ll want to leave this remarkable self-care implement on your vanity for all to see. Once you learn the simple and beautiful ritual of shaving with a safety razor, you’ll wish you had tried it sooner!


Pair this beautiful razor with our L’Arbuste Après Shave Skin Potion!


The Antique Gold Razor will arrive with (10) replacement blades. 




How to Shave:


In the shower or bath, apply your choice of shaving oil, lotion or cream, and go with the hair grain. You can shave against the grain as well, but it is a wonderful way to practice, and minimizes irritation of sensitive skin. The direction you choose is ultimately personal preference. 


Take your time, and allow the weight of the razor to guide you. Do not press down or apply any pressure, instead allow the natural weight of the blade to glide gently over your skin, maintaining a 25-30 degree angle. Every few strokes, give your blade a nice and thorough rinse under warm water, or swish razor head in a bowl of hot water. It’s important to keep your blade fresh, sharp and most importantly - clean! 


Changing or Installing Your Blade:


This razor is a three-piece system, that effortlessly unscrews to allow for the easy installation of a fresh blade. Simply hold your razor base in one hand, and untwist the head of the razor until all three pieces come apart. Insert your fresh blade into the designated area, and reassemble. Always use caution when assembling as blades are very sharp! 


We recommend changing your blade every 5-10 shaves for best results. When replacing a used blade, this is a wonderful time to give all three pieces a nice soapy rinse to remove any soap or oil build up. Always allow your razor to air dry in-between use. 


This razor is compatible with nearly all standard safety razor blades.

Antique Gold Safety Razor