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Sow Your Magic into Your Seeds this Spring Equinox

by Carlyn Burchell, Toronto-based creator behind Tiny Ritual

The Spring Equinox is here, and it’s time to celebrate the return of life, light and honor the renewal of the Earth!

The Energy of the Spring Equinox

In Pagan tradition, the Spring Equinox is known as Ostara and celebrated as the beginning of a new cycle, new life, fertility and creation coming into form. Seeds are stirring, plants are pushing up, livestock are giving birth, baby birds are cracking out of their shells- it is a burst of life! Watching the snow melt while simultaneously watching snowdrops appear is really something beautiful.

As we witness new life return- like the return of the songbirds, baby ducks and geese on the ponds, and flowers poking up their heads- you can really start to feel that parallel within yourself. As we see life emerge from the Earth, this energy awakens our own growth, fertility and creation. And so it is a powerful time to be thinking about what we want to create in our lives during this light half of the year- where the Sun rules, and active, creation energy is in abundance!

At the Spring Equinox, we are in perfect balance between the light and dark. Everything is in harmony- just like at the Fall Equinox (Mabon), but now the light is growing and the Sun is drawing closer to us. Welcome light! Welcome new life! Welcome Spring!

Enchant Your Seeds this Spring

In this Spring Equinox activity, we’re going to enchant our kitchens and homes with plants and herbs that will carry the energy of the intentions we charge them with. You’re going to start everything from seed indoors, and then once they’re established you’re welcome to transplant them into your garden, into a larger pot on your balcony, or keep on your kitchen counter to continually bless your space.

Choose Your Seeds

When choosing your seeds, keep in mind whether you’re going to keep them in a container, or whether you’ll be transplanting them into your garden. Do a little research to see which herbs do well indoors, and which herbs should be growing outdoors. Try to buy heirloom seeds as you are not only supporting small-scale gardeners, but you are also ensuring that you can use the seeds from your plant to regrow more plants the following year. Look for the term “open-pollinated” on your seed package. (GMO plants don’t actually produce seeds that can be replanted- you actually have to go out and buy new seeds again the following year.)

Herbs that grow well in indoor containers:*

Rosemary: has protective and cleansing qualities. Burn dried leaves to purify the home.

Basil: brings prosperity, happiness and love.

Thyme: promotes courage and self confidence, as well as good fortune. Burn to ward off negativity.

Oregano: promotes joy, tranquility and health.

Mint: improves psychic and verbal communication (including prayer), and adds strength to your words. Helps break streaks of bad luck and negativity.

*All these herbs are amazing to cook with, make tea out of, and to use magically.

Witchy herbs to grow in a garden:

Calendula: joyful Sun energy, promotes love, and wonderful to make salves out of.

Mugwort: promotes psychic and lucid dreams; wonderful to dry and smudge with.

Rue: protective and cleansing.

Yarrow: protects the auric field, and used for divination. Also great as a poultice to stop bleeding. Garden Sage: for wisdom, protection; great for culinary purposes and teas.

Lavender: promotes relaxation, calms the nerves and promotes sleep.

Where I get my Seeds and Seedlings

If you’re looking for a good place to buy seeds, these are my recommendations:


Urban Harvest: (Toronto or online) - I get 90% of my seeds and seedlings here- they are heirloom and 100% certified organic, and wonderful

The Incredible Seed Co: Canadian heirloom and heritage seeds

Salt Spring Seeds: heritage and heirloom organic seeds


Strictly Medicinal Seeds: a huge variety of organic medicinal seeds- a green witch’s paradise! Ritualcravt: (in person only)- if you live in the Denver area, Ritualcravt carries an amazing stock of witchy heirloom seeds (they also carry Tiny Ritual candles and a slew of other amazing magical wares!)

What You Need for your Seed Ceremony:

seeds of choice pot(s) to plant your seeds soil pen + paper crystal of choice (optional) which will be planted some cardboard or newspaper to lay on the floor if you’re planting inside.

Set Your Sacred Space or Altar

Decorate your sacred space, altar or home with all things in alignment with Spring. Flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, pussy willows, really anything from nature, coloured eggs to represent fertility, crystals like rose quartz, citrine, red garnet, green aventurine, amethyst and aquamarine. If you like using coloured candles, green, pink and yellow would be great. You get the idea. Right now I have a simple Ostara altar of daffodils, tulips and pussy willows, a beeswax candle, some twigs from a nature walk, pine cones from our neighbour’s yard, a mushroom statue, a little ceramic lamb from my childhood, a fluffy chick, and some citrine and clear quartz points. It’s simple but so pretty! If you have kids get them to help you collect things from your yard or local park.

Cleanse and Ground

Start by cleansing and clearing your space. Smudge with herbs, incense, resin or diffuse your favourite essential oils (geranium, neroli, rose, lime and lemon are beautiful for spring). Make sure you pass any materials you’re using through the smoke or mist (ie seeds, soil, etc). Then stand or sit, and start to connect with your breath. Breathe slow, even and consciously. Feel the rhythms of your body start to slow, and feel your nervous system become calm.

Meditate on Your Intention

Meditate on your intention for this Spring Equinox; what you want to bring forth, create or step into as we expand towards the light? Feel your intention growing within you. Embody the creation you are setting forth on this Equinox. Ask for clarity, insight or guidance should you need; simply stay quiet and let the answers arise within.

Write Down Intention

Once you’re clear on your intention, write it down on your piece of paper.


Now hold your seeds and visualize your intention as if it’s already come to fruition. Feel that energy of excitement, joy, pride, peace and wholeness come over you and feed that energy into your seeds. Whisper your intention into your seeds as if it’s a secret between you.

Bless Your Soil

Establish a communication with the soil you’re using. Dig your fingers right under your fingernails into the dirt. This is the Spring Equinox! Feel the live-ness of the earth in your hands! Send waves of blessings and gratitude into the fertile soil.

Plant Your Intention

At the bottom of your pot, place your written intention. If you’ve chosen to use a crystal, place the crystal in the bottom as well. Then cover them completely with soil.

Plant Your Seeds

Plant your enchanted seeds according to the package directions. Again, come back to your visualization and hold your hands over your pot. Trust and believe that this intention or goal will come to fruition. Impress upon your mind that this goal has already come about.

Water Your Seeds

Gently water your seeds, again sending your blessings and gratitude.

Care and Trust

Keep your seeds in a sunny place in your home. You can adorn other crystals around your pots or in the soil that feel appropriate to you. Check on your seeds everyday- knowing and trusting that as they begin to sprout, so too are your intentions and goals.

We don’t ask how the seeds will grow; we plant them and we know they will. Don’t focus on the ‘how’, focus on the outcome you are working towards. Two of my mom’s favourite sayings were: “From a small seed a mighty trunk will grow” and “Nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished”. I think of these sayings often whenever I start to feel fear and doubt come in. Maybe they will help you too if you get stuck in questioning… trust and have patience.


If you have an outdoor garden, once your little seedlings are established (and the risk of frost has passed), feel free to transplant your enchanted plants into your garden. If you feel called to replant your written intention with them, please do so.


Take time to care and nurture your growing plants (and intentions). When setting goals it’s important to revisit them everyday. Each time you come to your planted seeds, send them love, give them some water, and come back to your original intention. Visualize that goal as if it has already come to pass. Send love and gratitude as you know and trust it will come to be.

Candles for the Equinox

My favourite candles for the Spring Equinox are the Abundance Candle and the Love Candle. As everything is growing and expanding, it is the perfect time to call in abundance and love on all levels.

Sending you so much beauty, love, joy and abundance this Equinox.


Carlyn is the Toronto-based creator behind Tiny Ritual. She is a mother, an actress, an amateur gardener, a magic maker, and an inspiring homesteader. Tiny Ritual was conceived when she started making beeswax intention candles as tools for her own ritual practice, and as gifts to loved ones. Her little hobby began to grow, and soon expanded into an online store as well as to retailers across North America. These candles have been crafted for you to support you on your own spiritual journey, and to inspire you to dream big intentions to create the life you were born to live!

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