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Q + A: Brookelynn Rogers of Roots Rising

Brookelynn Rogers of Roots Rising

Conscious Creator, Love Maker, Intuitive Healer, Feeler of Feelings

She believes that your 'roots' are the pieces of your being that you planted deep inside the Earth upon arriving here. This is your unique truth– the part of you that knows you're worthy, whole, and deserving of unconditional love.

In her space, she helps others to explore the relationship between self-worth and our programmed lives, working to discover your roots by using a variety of techniques based in spirituality, psychology and the art of connection.

Photo Credit: Brookelynn Rogers, Roots Rising

Q) Tell us about you! Who is the magical force behind Roots Rising?

A) Hi! I’m Brookelynn! (she/her). I am a creative soul who came to Earth to play, hold space for healing, teach the art of acceptance, conjure magick, and to make love. I’m obsessed with human beings and being human! Often the things we're so ashamed of, I feel so inspired by - our differences, our preferences, our uniqueness - it's all happening and I'm eternally grateful to be here for it, to own it and speak my truth about it! I love a good sign or synchronicity. I believe the biggest sign that we're in our soul's purpose can be found in the energy of alignment. I feel most aligned when I'm conducting 1:1 sessions with my clients, floating in the ocean and conversing with mama moon.

Q) What aspects of your work feel the most impactful to you?

A) Holding space to be seen is the most impactful part of my work. I believe we are all mirrors for each other, reflecting back and showing the other the spaces within that have a longing to be met, to be felt and filled with unconditional love. In my sessions, I ground into my clients' energy and hold a light up to these spaces so that they may feel seen and experience a new and healing perspective on 'the self'.

Q) If you could pass along one universally healing philosophy, what would it be?

A) “Dream is destiny.” I believe the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are really spells that we cast - consciously or not - and that the external world is the result of the conscious dreamer, who has dared to tap into real courage, in order to fold themselves inside out… to bring their internal stories to life in the external world. Dream (aka storytelling/internal belief), feels like destiny to me.

As I dream it, so it is.

Q) How are you staying rooted in this season of change, upheaval, and uncertainty?

A) Hmm. Well, I spend a lot of time in child's pose. I chant to myself, "woman made of water, surrender." I try to move with the new boundaries and limitations, accepting the messiness of this human experience and letting myself truly collapse into feeling it all when I need to. I've also been leaning into faith and out of hope. Faith to me feels like a grounding force, rooted in an unwavering knowing. Hope seems to embody the energy of "maybe-potentially-perhaps one day," which doesn't really bring me the comfort I need right now. So instead of saying, "I hope things will get better," I now say, "I have faith things will get better." Which really means, I know they will.

Q) What are your favourite self-care practices?

A) My favourite self-care practices are intuition-based. I wish I could prescribe a routine or ritual to my clients or community that *I just know works.* But what works for me is not necessarily meant to work for you. I believe that following our intuition is the best way to ensure we get the self-care we need. Right now my intuition tells me I need more spontaneous dance, quiet moments of deep breathing by candlelight, to take my time washing my body in the shower, and to get really intimate with myself. (Side: I just realized there's a big theme happening here and that my intuition is telling me to speak, connect, and give back to my body more. Cool!)

Q) Tell us one wild, wonderful, or unique thing that we should know about you!

A) I come from a long line of witchy women. My Nana is a medium, my great grandmother was a psychic, and her mum, a healer. All of these women desired to openly express and share their gifts but experienced ridicule and shaming by others when they tried to. This left them feeling like their gifts were meant to remain a secret and that the expression of this magickal world would bring more harm than good. I'm here to break this generational trauma, to share my gifts unapologetically, and to shine as bright as my beautiful, magickal and powerful soul will let me! On behalf of all the witchy women before me, and so it is.


Roots Rising Conscious Creator, Love Maker, Intuitive Healer, Feeler of Feelings All about 'The Art of Acceptance.' Roots Rising is your safe space to explore all hopes, fears, dreams, wounds and remedies. How to connect with me: Website// Instagram// @rootsrisingco

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