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Foraged Facial Steam: Spring Violets

Spring has arrived! Blessedly bright days filled with the scents of early lilac blossoms, wet and fertile loam, and wild celandine and garlic mustard leaves crushed underfoot. Wild gathered Violets are also plentiful this season, growing abundantly in fecund gardens and patches of briar.

The leaves and flowers of the common Wild Blue Violet (Viola Sororia, Violaceae) are edible and medicinal. Wild Violets are a low-growing plant that prefers a shady, wooded area with rich soil and can often be found growing in your very own backyard in the early to mid-spring!

To honour this particular springtime flower, I prepared a simple, nourishing facial steam to clear congestion, deeply cleanse, and revitalize my skin. For this steam, I used both the verdant green leaves and the radiant blue-purple blossoms. They contain vital phytonutrients and are naturally anti-inflammatory, cooling, moistening, and soothing, making them a nourishing botanical ally for the complexion as we transition to this bright new season.


A small handful of Wild Violet Flowers and Green Leaves


1. Mix all loose Violets and Leaves in a large ceramic or glass bowl. Heat water using a tea kettle or stovetop. Pour steaming water over herbs into the bowl. ⁣

2. Cover your head with a towel and position your face over the bowl using the towel as a tent to hold in the steam. ⁣

4. With the eyes closed, slowly inhale the aromatic steam alternately through both mouth and nose, breathing as deeply as is comfortable for 5-10 minutes. ⁣

5. Splash face with cool water for a refreshing finish, and apply your favourite facial toner, serum, and balm. I chose our L’Arboretum Glowing Facial Essence, followed by Mer Celtique Marine Flower Facial Serum.

Strain the liquid from herbs, and use this excellent 'bath tea' in your evening soak tonight!

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