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Foraged Facial Steam: Autumn

Tendrils of early morning mist, auburn, and ochre leaves crushed underfoot and dampened by the cool rainfall pattering wetly into the dark soil around our stone cottage. A quiet, treasured stillness in these first hours of light. In hand, a cup of steaming Reishi Mushroom tea, sweetened with the last of our raw thistle honey from summer. This is the perfect time for a precious Sunday morning self-care practice. ⁣

When seeking plant allies for wellness, I always lean towards the wild things growing seasonally around our property. Friday afternoon foraging yielded some vibrant, fresh borage leaves and flowers, and along with a bundle of dried yarrow, foraged and dried only a few weeks ago, and crumbled leaves of wild water and peppermints from midsummer, I prepared a simple, nourishing facial steam to clear congestion, deeply cleanse, and revitalize my skin upon waking. These herbs are magnificent friends to the complexion, naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, soothing to irritation, profoundly restorative, cleansing, and nourishing. Three herbs that equal a trifecta of plant magic for the skin. ⁣

Here is my very simple recipe featuring these favourite plants:

3 whole Borage Leaves ⁣

A small bundle of Borage Flowers ⁣

3 sprigs of dried Yarrow Flower⁣

1 tbsp dried blend of Peppermint and Watermint⁣

1. Mix all loose ingredients in a large ceramic or glass bowl. Heat water using a tea kettle, or stovetop. Pour steaming water over herbs into the bowl. ⁣

2. Cover your head with a towel and position your face over the bowl using the towel as a tent to hold in the steam. ⁣

4. With the eyes closed, slowly inhale the aromatic steam alternately through both mouth and nose, breathing as deeply as is comfortable for 5-10 minutes. ⁣

5. Splash face with cool water for a refreshing finish, and apply your favourite facial toner, serum, and balm. I chose our L’Arboretum Glowing Facial Essence, followed by Mer Celtique Marine Flower Facial Serum.

Strain the liquid from herbs, and use this wonderful 'bath tea' in your evening soak tonight!

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