What is the shelf life my WILDWOOD product?

Our products are thoughtfully crafted with raw and organic botanicals, and free of any synthetic preservatives other than the naturally preservative qualities of certain wild ingredients. Our formulas are intended to be used within 6-12 months, and we package our potent blends in bottles that are sized accordingly to ensure that you never waste a drop! As our products are entirely natural and free of synthetic fragrance, it is normal to notice a gentle change in aroma over time. For optimal results, store your potion at room temperature, and avoid exposure to sunlight. Use clean and dry hands, or a spoon to dip into product, and avoid introducing moisture into the jars. Once finished, ensure that the lid is properly closed to keep all of the botancial goodness sealed inside! Nature is enough, and our wild botanical blends are deeply nutritious food for your skin. Enjoy while fresh!

What can I expect when trying natural skin care for the first time?

Transitioning your care products to a wholesome and natural skin care regime is the perfect way to begin your journey towards a glowing, radiant complexion. Often, the skin will respond immediately and positively, and the results will include a boost in clarity, suppleness, and overall vibrancy! It is natural to experience a short period of adjustment as your skin focuses on expelling any synthetics or toxins which may have been present in previous products. This adjustment period varies for each person, and may include localized break-outs, a change in the tone or texture, or increased oiliness or dryness. Be patient with your skin as it enters into a new phase of health and vitality. Your bright and radiant complexion will thank you very soon!

Are your products entirely plant-based, and do you test on animals?

We proudly craft plant-based care potions using pure, raw and organic ingredients. Our natural beeswax and honey are antibiotic-free, unpasteurized, raw, and hand harvested by local beekeepers that practice organic permaculture methods, at an off-grid farm in Wellington County dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. As passionate animal advocates, we are deeply committed to creating and encouraging the use of products that are cruelty free.

What do I need to know if I have sensitive skin or allergies?

It is important for you to be aware of any skin sensitivities or allergies before using our products. Though we use only natural and gentle botanical ingredients with sensitive skin in mind, we always recommend performing a patch test prior to regular use if you are concerned about your skin's reaction. Those who are pregnant or nursing should consult a healthcare practitioner before using any product containing herbs or essential oils. Our products and the corresponding information is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition and is not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.

Where can I learn more about the ingredient profile of a potion?

We warmly welcome you to connect with any questions regarding our proprietary herbal formulations! Please email Dominique@Sacredwildwood.com