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Journal Submissions


Are you a herbalist, holistic practitioner, midwife, doula, homesteader, green beauty/skin care expert, witchy woman, or women’s wellness advocate?


We are often seeking wonderful new contributors to our online Journal! ⁣⁣


If you’re interested in submitting a Q + A, recipe, blog post, opinion piece, or advice column - send us a quick note! Please include topics that you might like to write about, a blurb about your experiences and background in your industry, and why you feel we might be a great fit together! Topics can range from herbalism, to holistic cooking, sex, DIY, natural wellness, pregnancy, self care, empowerment, fertility, rituals and magic, homesteading, and more! ⁣⁣


We’re pretty chill here, and the commitment is low key! In exchange for a submission, you will receive mad love, huge shoutouts on both our website and Instagram linking to your work or website, and the opportunity to collaborate with other amazing women in the community! ⁣⁣


Email: ⁣⁣

Subject Line: ”Journal" ⁣⁣


We can't wait to hear from you! x⁣

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